My First Post – Under Construction

This blog is under construction – and so am I!

As I look at the pages, all I can see is what it is supposed to be.  I know what I want – and how I want to put it.  It’s clear in my mind.  My problem?  I don’t know how to do it!  

I’ve spent hours, reading through different instructions.  I’ve talked to people on the phone, and they tell me different items.  But I need someone here beside me, my computer in his lap and not mine, his fingers tapping the keys, showing me step by step what to do.

I need to sit beside that someone, write out the instructions as they are given to me – so I can remember. (Sadly, my memory isn’t as agile as it once was.  I’ve had three surgeries for “water on the brain” – the doctors call it hydrocephalus. Not sure if it is that, or the 82+ years my brain has been functioning, which have allowed some of the “valves” to become a little rusty?) e.g. I can’t figure out how to post the pictures and texts.


For whatever reason, this is my reality and tonight  I know I need help.
My pride has definitely taken a beating; I’m aware I don’t have the answers I need.

So, finally I’m asking my Father God for help, for wisdom; which He has promised to give me when I ask.


Interesting! As I write, some life comparisons are pouring into my mind. 


I know who and what I want to be.  It’s clear in my mind.  But I don’t know how to do it!

Over my life years, I’ve read, asked questions.  But I need SOMEONE here beside me, my life in His hands, showing me step by step what to do.
I just need to recognize on a daily basis that HE IS HERE!!!   More than being here, His Holy Spirit has already dictated His life instructions to men and women over thousands of years, and they wrote them down so I can read them!


Oh, dear Lord!  Thank You!  Even now, as I write these words, I am feeling your peace in my mind and my body.

And I am chuckling at God’s way of teaching me tonight. Just as I want my life to appear to be “all together” to others, I wanted to present this blog to you as “all together.”

Everything in place . . . nothing lacking.

Guess what!  That’s not going to happen. … You see now and, hopefully, will watch and participate in the growth and development of this blog, just as those who love me see and participate in the growth in my life.



And to that I say, “So be it.”