Brazilians call it SAUDADE: a longing for something so indefinite as to be indefinable. – All things born of the soul that can only be felt.” — Anthony De Sa

Memories of past moments of joy that come flooding into our minds when a melody is played.
Missing the sound of a beloved voice.
Nostalgia that overwhelms us.
The longing to once again walk in scenes from the past.

At times, as a memory is in the process of being made, there is an awareness that this time is so fleeting, and it will soon be over.
The consciousness that “just on the other side” we’ll see loved ones who’ve gone on before us.

Learning to love, experiencing moments of joy – and then they are in the past.

Sometimes, the consciousness of life, memories, loved ones – all out of reach, overwhelms me. Tears prick my eyes, a lump in my throat. I cannot live scattered over the globe where all my loved ones live: children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, friends – ah, so many. I’m unable to reach out and touch them, those living today, nor can I touch those who lived in my past.

I have the sense that life is so much more than what I see and touch. The emotions of joy, loss, and longing engulf and almost overcome me.

Then God’s Spirit reminds me: There is a time coming when it will all be united and fulfilled: past and future. God will bring it all together. ALL of our loved ones, all those beautiful sunsets and sunrises, feeling the glorious breeze on a spring day as the cherry blossoms dance in the wind, smelling the apple orchards in the fall and new mown grass in the summer, roses and lilacs, watching the flames as I listen to a fire crackling in a fireplace, feeling its warmth: the smell of guava, the flavor of a sweet fresh pineapple, a rain storm coming on a hot day . . the sound of waves and waterfalls and the heavens thundering a mighty symphony of sound mingling with a full symphony orchestra and choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus and we will be there experiencing a completeness never imagined.

There is coming a time when you and I will no longer experience saudades. Only joy, fulfillment, wholeness as the Son of God sits on His throne and we, men, women, children and all of nature, create a NEW SONG of delight in His presence that fills the heavens and all the universe!

Saudade, loneliness and sorrow may walk with me today. But God’s new tomorrow is coming, and my heart rejoices in the hope of praise.