God and His Details

I’m in my bedroom where all is quiet. Before I turn off the light, I want to share how God brought about a series of small incidents that is blessing me deeply.

The backgound to my story is:
One of my heart’s desires is to go to Israel: for my cane and I to walk on the streets of Jerusalem; to be surrounded with spoken Hebrew (which I don’t understand;) to go to the Mount of Olives; to experience, feel, sense, taste and absorb being in the land that God loves.

However, I’m a somewhat practical woman and understand I will be 86 in August, and age slows me down a little. Because I’ve spent most of my life sharing (rather than gathering), my financial income has been invested in people rather than the stock market. As a result, such a trip will cost more than I have.
I wouldn’t change any of what I have done!  However, I recognize that I may see Jerusalem only after the Lord is ruling there (and won’t that be something!)

What happened?
One of my “kids” lives in Brasilia.  We’ve not yet met, but our relationship has grown and strengthened us both.
Last year, Audrey went to Israel. While she was walking the streets of Bethlehem where our Lord was born, she stopped and watched a man forming a small wooden shepherd on a lathe.  The small shepherd was holding a lamb on his shoulders and another at his feet. His “creator” brushed the dust from the shepherd, then thrust him into a hot sealing solution to protect the wood.  As Audrey bought “little shepherd”, the artist told her it was made of olive wood, a historic tree in Israel

Audry wrapped him carefully, took him back to her apartment in Brasilia, and lovingly placed him on a table beside a few other things she had from other countries. This way, she remembered her adventures there, and smiled.

Next chapter …
I am in Valdosta, GA, with one of my daughters.  Physically and emotionally my life has been a roller coaster since Joe’s death. I’m improving . . . although I never know how I will be from one day to the next.  Thoroughly frustrating!  At times I ask myself “what am I doing here?  Am I crazy to be following the leading of the Lord to return to Brazil?  Why am I not content to relax and read and just enjoy living?  Enough people tell me that is what I should do!  People in Brazil call me Pastora Voni… but am I really a pastor, a shepherd???
Sometimes the pain in my body makes me wonder, about everything:  then, I remember the apostle Paul and am encouraged.

Unexpectedly one morning, a small package arrives here,,, from Brazil.


Meanwhile, back in Brazil . . .
Audrey loved the little shepherd.  Everyday she would look at him and smile.
But one day she didn’t smile.  She was troubled when she looked at him. In a few days she understood. The Holy Spirit was telling her to mail the little shepherd from Bethlehem to Voni in Georgia. She had an inner struggle, for she loved that little shepherd.  Then, she gathered up the shepherd plus two other small gifts she loved, carefully placed them in a small box, took it to the post office to mail to the states.


Then in Georgia …
As I looked at that package, I was astonished. When my daughter and I opened it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
I phone Audrey and she explains.
“The little shepherd is from Bethlehem and is made from the olive tree wood.
After finishing it, the artist placed it in a sealant, as God seals us with the Holy Spirit.
It is from the “Holy Land” and the Holy Spirit told me to send it to you, because He loves you, and I love you.”

I looked at the little shepherd.  The wood was smooth and felt good to the touch.  I discover a couple of places where knots in the wood destroyed the symmetry a little.
Tears came to my eyes. God was reminding me that He loves me.
I may never get to Jerusalem in this lifetime, but my Father sent me something from there, to remind me that although my own body’s symmetry is a little bit off, I am still who He created me to be.  I am one of His shepherds and He has sheep for me to care for… including my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren plus those who call me “mom” . . . and that list of names continues to grow.

None of this happened “by accident”.
Just think about the myriad of details: details which cover incidents that happened over a time lapse of almost a year and over thousands of miles.

This is the work of our God of details!

He did this in Bible times:  He STILL DOES THEM TODAY!

What about you?  Can you think of things which have happened in your own life that show you how God cares for Details?
I would love it if you shared them with me.!

  • Voni