Jesus said: “you have not, for you ask not.” I know that is old English, but I love the wording. And the truth of those words.

Sometimes I forget to ask for myself, thinking He knows my needs so I don’t need to ask. However, that is NOT what Jesus said.

Why does He want me to ask Him for my needs as well as the needs of others? Is it because God is our Father, and a Father loves to give his children what they ask for?

I remember as an early teen, I loved to have Dad go shopping with me rather than Mom, for he bought more of my “wants” for me and Mom bought more of my “needs.” For example, he bought me this coat that I dearly loved. It was in the mode at the time: big black and white checks with a hood. How proud I was of it that first winter I wore it.

But, when we bought it I wasn’t thinking of what the mode would be the following winter. A painful lesson: the following winter when I wore that coat, it was definitely NOT “in the mode.” But it was still a good coat. I complained to my mom. She understood but she couldn’t change the coat. When I said something to my dad, he was surprised. “But, honey, you LIKED that coat and it looks great on you! Are you sorry I bought it for you?” Since I didn’t want to hurt him, you already know what I told him. 🙂 I wore that coat the second winter… and I learned a good lesson. Just because I WANT something, doesn’t mean it is necessarily something that I will enjoy having.

A good lesson for me over the years.

It is the same with God, as I ask Him for things. One of the big differences between God and my Dad, is that God KNOWS what I am going to want “next winter.” He knows what will make me happiest. So, when I ask Him for things, in His wisdom He responds. I may not like the response.

However, because I asked Him, I am more conscious of His answer. Sometimes I am surprised with joy, at other times saddened with tears. Either way, I learn how to trust Him more.

“ALL things work together for the good of those who love God and walk according to His principles.” Roman 8:28

I know God my Father has a sense of humor:) He let me learn an IMPORTANT lesson with that black and white coat that had a big checked pattern and a hood.

A question: What “coats” have you chosen that God used to teach you something?