1963 Salem, Oregon 

Our four children and my husband, Cal, are waiting impatiently in the car. We are leaving on a week long camping trip.  
We have to leave our cat at a friend’s home – and the cat has disappeared!  
I run into the back yard, desperately searching for that small animal one last time- and praying like mad! 
“Please, Lord, bring that cat back. We can’t leave her here while we are gone. And I can’t come back to look again… please!” 

As I run around the yard, urgently looking and calling, what to I see? That cat walking leisurely into the yard and coming up to me, rubbing against my legs and purring! I bend over, careful to not move in a way to frighten her, pick her up – hanging onto her tightly – and run to the car. 

We leave her at our friend’s home, have a wonderful trip with our kids, stop to get the cat on our way home. We are all glad to see her , even my husand :) and her purrrr machine is loud in volume and working well. 

That scene from over 50 years ago is still indelibly printed in my miind. You may ask, “Why ?!” 

For me, it is amazing how many times I’ve thought of “that cat!” 
I’ve had so many crazy things to pray for… whenever I’ve stopped because the request was so “crazy”, not even of enough importance to ask God for help, I remember “that cat” coming to me, purring. 
2019 January 

All this brings me to Sunday night.  
I’m sitting in the recliner in the bedroom, hoping to get some documents finished. Lanae fixed me a cup of delicious coffee. We couldn’t find my coffee mug with a strong lid, so she put the coffee in one of her mugs. I don’t hear her say, 
“Mom, be careful for this mug’s lid isn’t very tight, ” 

Sipping on the coffee, I put the mug onto the little shelf beside my chair, settle into my chair and reach for the coffee mug. 
Can you imagine my chagrin and distress when the full mug of hot coffee with cream capsizes as the lid comes off, POURING coffee over my keyboard, my chair and the floor.  
The computer keys are awash in a river of coffee. 

I hastily move the mug off the laptop, turn the laptop upside down and shake as much of the liquid out as I cant. My hand is shaking and I am praying as I reach for a small computer vacuum and start running it over the keys. I can’t find the little pieces for the suction to be stronger.. but I keep on passing it over the keys. 

I turn the computer on – making sure the power cord is not in it. the lines and colors that come up give me little hope. Lanae brings me her small hair dryer. I run that back and forth over the keyboard, praying for my computer. 

Eventually, I turn on the power to leave my computer on all night. If running it will help it dry out faster, that’s what I’m going to do! 

I eventually quit, tired and praying, my mind keeps repeating itself  
” God knows I don’t have the money to buy a new computer. . . I wonder if he would bless me putting up something on GO FUND ME . ???  
I need to find the time to finish my website so the 503 i’m working on.can receive funds “… eventually falling into a fitfull sleep – with a knot of sorrow in my stomach – and still praying. 

That was three days ago! The day after it’s coffee baptism, the computer gradualy came back to life. Tonight, I am working on it again, in the same recliner in the bedroom.! 

I have difficulty believing what I know happened! 
But it did! No coffee cup next to me with loose lids. In fact, little coffee while I’m working here. 

I’m sure I did not follow “correct procedure” with the computer. 
But God moved on behalf of thie 86 year old widow… maybe He used my guardian angel … I do NOT know HOW… I only know that because I sent a desperate prayer – for a cat, and a computer and all those other things ..- My Father, My Lord and the Holy Spirit touched my life once again- and I am thankful! 


What about you? Do you also have crazy prayers God has answered. Aren’t we blessed to have a Father like Him!