I awakened slowly, with tears in my eyes and a leaping joy in my heart.  I realized I’d been dreaming but 0h! it was so real!

I am in a small church – the one I knew as a child.  It is a Sunday morning.  I apologize to a missionary who is there; so few have come to ear him speak and I am embarrassed.
He smiles and tells me not to worry. It is in God’s hands.
I ask him if I can say a prayer for him and the few there before I leave to another commitment. He quietly says,  “Please.”

As I pray, I am surprised by my own words: the fervor in my heart, praying for God to move and bring into that building  those He wants to be there: for His will to be done!
When I open my eyes, I discover a few more people are there, including two couples I know and love.

I go to the back of the auditorium to leave, look at the missionary and the people, and realize that this time here in this small church building is more important than any other commitment I might have..  I sit down to listen, and begin praying once more.

I’m amazed! More and more people come in, some wearing their beach apparel.  They had obviously been headed to enjoy the ocean beaches and beautiful sunshine, but for some reason had responded to our prayers.

The small auditorium gradually fills, Then, as dreams often do, the size of the auditorium enlarges, as more and more people come in. and now a large stage appears behind the missionary as he speaks.  He asks if there is anyone who would like to be a missionary, carrying God’s Good News to other lands, and to their neighbors.

A line begins to form as people move towards the stage. In that line are the couples I know.
I go to hug them and realize I, also, need to rededicate my own life to obeying God’s command.  I’ve been sidetracked by what I considered my own “needs” and health.
I was spending more time on that than what God had given to me to do.  I was in danger of becoming more involved in “cares of the world” than in following God’s commands.

I join the queue of people waiting to go upon that stage of life before us.

My tears of release and joy awaken me.  
Father God, may this dream be an altar before you, and my life be upon it.
In Jesus name, I pray this prayer. Voni