Celli’s Adventures


My name is Celli.
I am Voni’s cell phone: you know, the one she carries around in her purse or her pocket or her hand. Between her lap-top and me, we manage to keep her pretty busy.

But, last week, she turned the tables on me – and I didn’t particularly like it. Although it DID break up my normal routine and give me some adventuring.

It was like this.
On Thursday, Nov 7th, Voni and her son, Jonathan Hall, were doing their final packing before going to the airport to fly from Miami to Brasilia. I was needing to be charged up before the trip, so Voni put me on one of those flat circular chargers. When she put me on it, I sent her a message to remember and get me. She gave herself a mental note to jog her memory, put me on the charger and did the last work she had to do on her computer before closing it.

Jonathan called to her that he was getting the suitcases carried out and she’d better hurry. She quickly closed the computer, put it into its bag, turned around pulling it behind her. I yelled at her to remember me! But it did no good. Those two humans left me high and dry on the table beside the sofa, getting more charge than I needed.

I learned later that she realized I wasn’t with her, while on their way to the airport.
I guess she had a few minutes of panic, then remembered the verse “All things work together for the good of those who love God and are walking according to His purposes.”
She told herself that somehow this must be for the best…. And it turned out it was a special time for me!

Voni and Jonathan put their heads and the dates together and came up with the following plan.
– Michelle and Patrick and Mila left Miami -the next night, going to Rio de Janeiro to see Patrick’s grandmother – and they took me, Celli, with them!!!!

My first time in Rio de Janeira! Fortunately, they took me out of their bags and put me in a window out of their way – but where I could look out and see the sunshine and the varying blues of the ocean and sky. I loved it! I was also able to watch them with Mila, their baby daughter. Now, that was fun!

I stayed in that windowsill until Thursday, when Jonathan got there. I went with all of them (Jonathan, Michelle and Patrick) where they met Stephanie (another daughter) at the area where Hillsong was going to have a concert on Thursday night. Stephanie is working with Hill Song, so they all helped her – and I was with them. Now THAT was REALLY FUN!

Jonathan had me with him the whole time, so I got to hear a lot of the music and the praise of thousands! It was absolutely incredible!

Sometime after midnight, Jonathan and I got back to where he was staying. He fell into bed – and left me in his briefcase…so I didn’t see much.
Friday morning we went to the airport (I was still in his briefcase – not at all comfortable, I can tell you!)

All I could see was – nothing. But I could hear – we boarded, flew about two plus hours,
landed. I could hear Jonathan talking with many different people in meetings during the day. He was also debating about how and when he could get me to a friend’s apartment in Brasilia where he could leave me for Voni to pick me up on Monday afternoon

I’d hoped I would hear the Hillsong concert in Brasilia on Saturday night – but that wasn’t my luck. Jonathan left me with his friends on Saturday before he went to help Stephanie at the concert. There would be thousands there, including President Bolsonaro’s wife and several government leaders. This presented some interesting challenges for security, for the concert was out in the open… a HUGE stage and a wonderful concert… I heard that later from Voni.

The rest of my story is boring. I stayed quiet in the apartment until Voni and her friends picked me up on Monday afternoon. I must admit that I was GLAD to see Voni once again, even though she’d left me behind.
And she was glad to see me. She’s not left me out of her sight.

Life picked up again. I’ll be writing more. I just hope I can do it without her leaving me behind!.

I like this way of communicating.
I see now why Voni likes to write.
Until next time.