2020 06 21

No – the picture isn’t of the ocean in Natal – 

Nor the roof tops and sky from the apartment in Brasilia – 

Nor the green grass and homes around a small lake north of Miami 

Nor the back yard of my daughter’s home in Portland, Oregon. 

Rather, it is the view from my chair where I am sitting and writing 
at another daughter’s home in Valdosta, Georgia. 

The eight months that I was in Brasilia (capital of Brazil) turned out to be crazy. Nothing as planned but God was still involved. How thankful I am for that!  
I learned more about age and pain, and continue to learn more. Those classes follow me, regardless of where I am.  

I’m working on learning: How can I teach and share effectively, using the internet? I did several “live” classes while in Brazil.  Now I need to learn how to do them from here. 

I’m also working on putting things together to go ahead on two books. I’d like to have them finished in October -prayer backup would be appreciated! 

February: I was in Brasilia when the pandemic hit.  Because of my age, I was stuck in the apartment which, thank God, had a small balcony so I could breathe fresh air.   
My six children in the states began to ask that I return to the states. 
The end of May, fewer flights between Brazil and US. It was time to return. 
God opened the doors, I had mileage, so arrived in the US on the second of June, had a few days with son Jonathan Hall and family in Miami, then came to Valdosta. 

During this phase of things happening, the mail outs on my blog were interrupted for a period of time.  Now working on it to normalize. Many things I want to put here. 
WHEN you receive this, would you please reply with a simple “received”.  That will help me greatly. 
And if you have any questions or comments re: something you would like to know about in the future, please leave that info and I’ll answer. 

God bless!