Bedrooms?  Yes, I Have Four, each one in a different part of the world.

I am sitting in a recliner chair in “ Bedroom #2” with the computer in my lap.  It’s 6:30 in the evening here in Valdosta, GA. where I’ve been living with my daughter, Lanae, and her husband John, ever since I returned from Brazil, almost three months ago. The sun’s last rays are pouring in through the big window beside my chair.  There are a few more boxes filled and setting in different places, waiting to go to the post office. 

I will be leaving my Bedroom #2, one week from today, to go to Bedroom #1.

What’s this thing about bedrooms?  Don’t you have an apartment – or something?

Well, it’s like this.

When Joe and I finally moved to Brazil at the beginning of 2001, we really moved.  We sold our house in Florida and bought an eighth-floor spacious apartment in Natal, RN Brazil. It wasn’t fancy, and we loved it.

 It had two large balconies where we hung hammocks and could just glimpse the Atlantic Ocean. It became “home” to both of us – and many Brazilians who came at all odd hours for coffee and a snack and a visit.  Plus, we had a “home church” in our living room every Sunday. We loved our home and many others loved it also.

After 12 years, because of Joe’s health and need to return to the states, we sold our apartment in Natal, receiving a small apartment as part of the payment.  So, I have a tiny apartment, with a bedroom in Natal.  That is Bedroom #3.

Bedroom #1

My oldest daughter and her family live in the Portland, OR area. 

They also have a bedroom with my name on it, my pictures on the walls.

 Joe went to be with the Lord in February 2017, One month later, I moved to my bedroom in Sheryl’s home

Oh, you want to know about my bedroom #4?

Well, of all things, that bedroom is also in Brazil.  But not in the same city as Bedroom #3.

I have several friends who live in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

Three of them wanted me to go to Brasilia and stay with them. I was in Bedroom #1 (Portland, Oregon)and needed to  return to Brazil.  There were some legal things to resolve, besides some teaching commitments.

Four or five times I attempted  to make plane reservations for Brasilia. Always, there was a problem!  Finally, I told the Lord that I was giving up: when HE wanted me to go, for Him to show me.

About a month later, he did just that!  And that time all fell into place and I traveled to Brasilia in Nov 2019, to Bedroom #4.

I’m not going to try to share some of the adventures now – for this is about bedrooms. 😊 But there were several – plus laughter,prayer, and teaching in some of the churches.

Then came the Chinese virus! Brazil moved into lockdown and, because of my age, I could not leave the apartment. but there is a small balcony and we got a hammock up. I was working on my blog and teaching – via phone, whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook – from the apartment End of May 2020, the US blocked Brazilians from going into the US.  That was ok: I am a US Citizen, so no problem for me. However, this meant far fewer flights between the countries. My six children were united in wanting me back in the states.

So I got on one of the last regular flights out of Brazil to Miami, had some time with my son’s family, then came to Valdosta and Bedroom #2 and to today.

I have no words capable of expressing how much I appreciate my children and their spouses, as they work with their mother who has four bedrooms instead of one, and who apparently doesn’t know how to stop in any one of her bedrooms. 😊

But, there is hope. Things are changing in this world, many of them not good. The Lord has me here in the states, and my body is getting tired of planes and travel.  I am learning more about teaching on-line. I have some books I am working on, which require that I stop and study and write.

As I head back to Bedroom #1 in Oregon, I have no idea what the Lord has in mind for me.  But one thing He is teaching me, is to trust Him more.

You may have a house and a couple of bedrooms, or who knows in what puzzle the Lord has placed you?  The important thing for each one of us is to trust Him. I may not know what He is doing?  I don’t have to know.

Proverbs 3:5-6  NIV

New International Version

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart

    and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways submit to him,

    and he will make your paths straight.”

This is my goal.  When I do this, the rest will fall into place, including all of the bedrooms! -Voni –

– Voni-