2000 OR 2022

I remember staying awake all night when the world paused to welcome the year 2000. The anxiety and preparation for the roll-over of the computers. And nothing happened. We gave whatever emergency foods we had to groups who were helping the hungry.

Now we are moving into 2022. 

We are being warned of economic disasters throughout the world,

Fear is playing a major role in our lives today. Thousands of people are living on the streets in tents or cars, etc. in cities throughout the nation. I am still shocked when I see the squalor of the homeless: and that many of them choose this lifestyle. I don’t say this from a self-righteous stance: Rather, it is with deep sorrow to see what is happening in our nation


Drugs. Sex Trafficking. Shootings. Dishonesty. Corruption. the list goes on. I remember the state of this world thousands of years ago. God regretted – and told a man and his family to build an ark, with specific directions. The rains came from the upper hemispheres and waters gushed from the depths of the earth, and the world was cleansed.

Jesus gave some very specific words about the state of the earth in what He called the end-times. One of the things he said was that it would be as in the days of Noah . . . that would refer to the evils that we are living in today. He also spoke of what we call “natural disasters”. The floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires – and that list also goes on. We are living today in a world where the weather has become “irrational”… the tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes are increasing in numbers. Famine is increasing. It isn’t a pretty picture. 

So what are we to do? Are we to walk in fear of the unknown?

Or are we to learn how to trust God and follow Him?

Has He given us instructions on how to live victoriously? 

When I say that, I get excited! 

God wants us to live abundant and full lives. To search to know Him and SOAR, rather than scratch the ground like turkeys who have wings but can’t fly.

I don’t know about you, but THAT is the life I want. I want to KNOW God; Have the Holy Spirit reveal the Lord to me! Walk without fear – even if I have to use a walker because my legs don’t work well. 

Do you want to learn – as I am learning – to trust even when I don’t understand! And I am learning more and more of Him, and my life becomes richer!

So 2022 : I don’t know what all you have for me. But I am going to hang onto God’s hand and believe what God says – and live my life serving others as He shows me how.!