A Conversation No One Wants …

We are sitting at our tiny table (where 2 can sit comfortably). The breeze is blowing through our apartment in Natal and we’ve just finished eating lunch. It’s one of those times we will later look back at in wonder, as special and rare.
Neither one of us really wants to leave the table.

Joe sits there with a far-away look in his eyes.

Voni: “What are you thinking about?”

Joe looks at her. “I want to go HOME.”

Voni: “I know you do! You’ve wanted to do so for a long time.”

Joe: “I mean, I want to go HOME, NOW. There is nothing holding me here except for one thing that I would miss. Do you know what that is? YOU.”

Voni (smiling with love) : “Yes. But I also know you’ll be having an incredible time with Melz (Joe’s wonderful first wife!) and Craig (his son who went to be with the Lord many years ago), and your family and friends there, and with the Lord!!!”
“I know the Lord will take you HOME when it’s the right time. But you need to know I’ve asked Him for one thing”

Joe: “What’s that?”

Voni: “That He NOT take you home while we are here in Brazil.”

Joe: “Why is that?”

Voni: “Because it would be so complicated to care for you and make all the arrangements. I want to be where we will have some family close, to help the other one of us.”

Joe grins: “But if I’m gone, none of that will bother me!”

Voni looks at Joe, knowing he expects to go HOME first.
“I know it wouldn’t bother you, but it would certainly bother me.
I’m not up to handling that alone! So NOT while we are here in Brazil, ok?”

Joe, smiling while he stands: “Got it!” and the conversation is over.

Voni sits at the table for a few minutes, thinking, talking to God, hoping that God and Joe and she are in agreement.

Then she, too, leaves the table.

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