Thursday night, August 30 It’s 10:30 pm. The house is quiet. Lights are still on in some of the rooms. Sheryl and Hermilio may be asleep

I’m sitting in a recliner with my feet up and the lap-top in my lap. Sometimes my kids tell me that is the only position they see me in. I’ll have to admit it feels “natural” here. J As I write each day to leave something here on Facebook, sometimes I wonder if what I am writing has real value in your lives. Tonight, is one of those times. But I’m going to write the following because it is happening to me now… I don’t totally understand it – maybe some of you who have walked this path of grief before me will identify?

This past week, I’m having some “odd” moments.. and they are coming more often. It’s like a quiet breeze blowing gently through my mind. It happens so swiftly that I can only sense it – and the sweet peace that follows it. The only thing I can think is – God’s Spirit is touching me in new ways and He is changing me.

A crazy illustration –

I love to eat apples, especially when the core is removed, and the apple cut into 8 pieces. I munch on them slowly as I am writing, with a napkin handy in case I get juice on my fingers.

Joe and I did a verbal dance every day. At some time as I was writing or doing accounting or studying on my computer, he would say to me: “What can I get you?” I’d look up at him, grin and say “An apple ?”

He’d groan. I’d say “Well, you asked – don’t worry, I’ll fix me one later.” He’d respond “no, you won’t!” as he headed into our small kitchen. In a few moments, a cold and crisp apple, cored and quartered, was given to me on a small dish, along with a paper napkin. I’d stop what I was doing, we’d hug, then he’d go back to his desk and his computer, usually with a few pieces of my apple and we’d both contentedly munch on apple and work.

After Joe went to be with the Lord, I almost quit eating apples Today, 19 months later, I’m starting to eat apples again , Only now, it’s apples I have cut up the way I like.. It’s crazy – every time I fix myself an apple, I long for that man! But now, occasionally, while I’m eating that apple I prepared, a sweet breeze goes through my mind, and I find myself with a smile instead of tears. Please, Lord, may this happen more.

For every thing, there is a season Solomon – Ecclesiastes

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