A Reluctant Missionary

Something happened to me .

I don’t know how to explain it. . . except that it is a God-thing.

I never wanted to be a missionary … I wanted to marry a farmer.
I don’t like big cities. .. never wanted to learn another language…

I never wanted to be a pastor’s wife nor a leader of any kind.

I wanted to be available to my parents, since my brother was handicapped, and they were older.  (At some time in the future I will write more details.)

BUT – since childhood I told God I want to do His will in my life.
THAT is what He listened to. The biggest God-thing.

He opened my eyes and my heart to the needs of the globe, not to only my own country.
He made me aware that His command to “Go into all the world …” was to me;
that His challenge to me was to open my hands so He could remove what He didn’t want me to hang onto, and could place in my hands what He wanted.
Over the years, I became a “cultural marginal” – one who no longer fits into any one country. . . a pilgrim.

I’m now 86, a widow – and what He placed in my hands has not changed.
I am still a pilgrim.  He takes me to be close to my children and their families in different places.  He takes me to Brazil and other countries …
I do not have a permanent home here on earth.  Yes, there are some places I love more than others – but where I am does not depend upon my desires.  He is the one Who opens and closes the doors.

Fortunately, God’s plans for each one of us are different.  Can you imagine what it would be like if each one of us were an international pilgrim?  J

I would have no special bedrooms waiting for me! J


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2 thoughts on “A Reluctant Missionary”

  1. Hi Dearest Voni! Thank you for sharing your heart ❤️ I’m from following close behind. The story must be told! I’m writing a book about 24 years of the Great Adventure with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hope to have it ready to print next year. Blessings in Christ, Christi Benight

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