A Story that Is Real – Part. 3

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When I got out of bed this morning, I had no idea that God was going to make it an unforgettable day.

Cal dropped me off close to the American school where I teach  the 5th and 6th grades.  The school is in a former home that had been converted to handle the classes.  There are probably no more than 100 students for all the grades.  I enjoy the teaching.

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As I walk towards the school, the warmth of the sun on my back and the spots of shade from the trees feel wonderful  The sidewalk is wide – but broken in places, so one must be careful to watch where you step.
I walk slowly – for I’m arguing with God as I try to understand.

This is what had happened.
Maria Vitoria is a young woman I loved.  She was  an exchange student in Portland, OR, when we lived there, was in our home constantly, although we weren’t her official “parents.”

Her real home was in Belo Horizonte where we now lived, and we grew to love her parents and older sister.   Much of my learning about Brazil was in their home.  The family was Catholic/Spiritist and from the Alan Kadec branch of spiritism. They made me feel welcome whenever I was there, for they all spoke English. Their home became kind of a refuge for me – a place of “safety” .

About a month ago, Maria Vitoria had a nasty fall on a sidewalk, badly scraping her legs and knees.  Even after several visits to the doctors, her legs refused to heal.  A couple of days previously, she went to a spiritualist gathering and the medium healed her legs, immediately.  She was thrilled and telling all of her friends what had happened.

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I was thinking about this as I walked… and I am upset with God.

“Father, what is going on!  I know that Jesus healed people when He walked here on the earth, and I’ve read stories where people said they were healed these days. However, I was taught that the days of miracles and healing ended when all the apostles died.

But look at this!  Maria Vitoria was healed by a spiritualist medium. I believe her.  I know she is truthful and doesn’t exaggerate, and there is no possibility of misunderstanding her English. This really happened!

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How do I fit this into what I have believed is true?
Do the spiritualist mediums have more power than You?
No, I know that is not true. You are God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!  You are God, Three in One.
All powerful. Omnipotent. King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
There is NO ONE OR THING more powerful than You!”

I am almost in tears. I do not understand! Quietly a calmness comes as a new thought breaks into my mind.
No, Satan and his spirits have no strength over God. But if they can sow seeds of doubt in my mind, they win.

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There is only one solution I can see.
God has the most power.
Therefore, He has more power to heal than any spirit
I was taught that miracles and evil spirits do not exist today.
That teaching was wrong!

God has ALL power. Satan used  man (Adam) to break the promises God had given to mankind. This  caused Satan to become Lord of this earth, instead of man.
man – without sin – had to die to restore that contract.
Jesus did just that.
He created a new contract and bought my freedom, destroying the divide between God and I  that Satan had created.

Lord God, I  am beginning to have a new concept about everything!
I thank You for Your Holy Spirit, Who is showing this to me!  I need You to teach me how to win spiritual battles

Today we live in a world and a  spiritual battle field surrounds us.
I better open my eyes and see!!!.

I go up the stairs to the school, greeting the students and other teachers.
No one realizes that my concepts of life were totally altered by my conversation with God as I walked in the freshness of a morning in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

As I look back to that day, I am aware that I also didn’t understand its significance, nor how God would continue to teach me until even today.

When a dear brother in Christ from Sri Lanka shared what he has learned about spiritual warfare, I perceived how the battles in the spiritual world are spilling over into our physical world, and today, it is time for me to start sharing. These battles will become more fierce, and we need to know what weapons God has given us with which to fight, and how to use them.     

– Voni-

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