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Voni sofa computer 2016 07 26I’m 84, live between three countries – which gets confusing at times.
What are the three countries, the three cultures I live in?
The United States, Brasil and the Kingdom of God.
How do they interact with one another?  That is what I share in this blog:

the interaction, struggles, laughter and learning as I live in them.
I was born in the US, raised on a small farm in the NW and never had a desire to live anywhere else.
In 1967 when I was 35 years old I moved to Brazil with my husband and five kids (that was a real shocker and life changer!)  The reason? What some call “missions” and I call “serving or servanthood”.

I go through months and years of pain, tears and joys; caused as I bond into another culture. I learn to love Brazil and never want to live in the US again.

In 1987, my now adult children discover that their dad has other children outside of our marriage.  And we are missionaries???  My world ends.

Late autumn of 1987 finds me and my youngest daughter (16) living in a small apartment in Portland, Oregon, where the cold winds coming down the Columbia Gorge rattle the windows and I look at grey skies, leafless trees and we sleep on mattresses on the floor.  But at least there is peace in our home. Many months of deep grief.  (Another shocker and life-changer.)

In mid 1991 I marry a Bostonian businessman, whose wife had been a good friend of mine before her unexpected death…(This was not in either of our plans!)
Back home to Brazil to live in 2001. WONDERFUL years that abruptly end in October 2011 because of serious health challenges.

Where am I now?  Joe and I live in a small apartment at a lovely retirement center.  Our lives are in God’s hands to send us where He wants.  We have no idea! A challenging and new way to live; day by day.

Voni Pottle


Obviously, this blog is in two languages: English and Portuguese.
I am starting with three categories:
 Looking at my Life  (which will follow some form of sequence – I hope),
 Musings (random subjects -different detours), andDifferent Drums, New Melodies (living in more than one culture).

I will post one to two times a week.
I will jump with joy (oh dear~My body won’t jump!.)
OK – I will be full of joy – how’s that? when you leave a comment or check the little box to receive these posts via email.

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