Am I a Cracked Cup?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m at the checkout stand.  The cashier holds up my purchase: “Mam, did you know this cup has defects?”

I squint my eyes to look at it more closely.  She’s right!  What looks like a crack, but really isn’t one, is embedded in the cup.

I still want the coffee cup, defects or not.   So I bargain with her, get a discount, and leave the store happy.

For some reason, I love this little cup.  It’s just right for a small cup of coffee, and it makes me happy, just looking at it.  I even love the defects.  Everyone in the house knows that is “Voni’s cup” and when I drink coffee, I want it in that cup.

I use the cup constantly.

We don’t have a dishwasher (did you ever notice that without a dishwasher more things are dropped and broken?),

The sad day comes when my cup is dropped and the handle breaks off. But I can still use it, and I do.

Cup of Coffee

By now, my husband is wondering what’s wrong with me.  Our kitchen is full of an abundance of coffee mugs and coffee cups that we use for our Bible studies and get-togethers, when the apartment is full of people. (I love those times!)

Why am I still using this little coffee cup with no handle?  He looks at me and shakes his head.  I don’t need to ask him why that look: after 24 years of marriage we know each other’s body language pretty well.


I’ve even taken pictures of “my cup.”   What is going on with me?

One surprisingly quiet afternoon, I’m sitting at the kitchen table sipping on some hot fresh coffee (out of my cracked cup,) looking out the window and thinking about some of these things and,
unexpectedly,  I understand.
It is because I, too, am a “cracked cup.” 

God knows all of my imperfections! All of the cracks and places where His love has glued me back together.  But still He cherishes me, just as I am. I will never be a fancy and beautifully designed cup to serve kings.  I like to go barefoot, touch and hug (doesn’t quite fit the model for royalty.)  Even more so is this true as my outer shell is aging and exhibiting those tiny spider-web cracks that run all over aged porcelain.  And the handle on my shell is cracking.  But He still loves me!  He created me with a purpose, to use in His hands.

How oftern I’ve crashed to the floor. He picks me up, puts me back together, and His glue makes me stronger and of more value to Him.  In fact, the more He invests of Himself in me, the more He uses me in areas I never thought were possible to be used.

So, cracked, handle breaking, outer part of my cup showing age, my cup can still hold His Spirit for others to sense, taste, and experience God’s love.

That little cup is no longer with me . . .
It shattered on it’s last fateful fall onto a ceramic tile floor.
But the lessons I learned from it remain in my memory… and I still love my “little coffee cup.”

  • Voni

Can you think of yourself as a “cracked coffee cup?”
Seeing yourself as that, can you  have more patience with yourself?  Be able to laugh at yourself a little more?
Have you thought of how God can glue you back together when you are willing to put yourself into His hands? 

Look in the mirror, see all the defects, and laugh.
It’s wonderful when we can recognize ourselves as “cracked coffee cups.”
Try it, and see.

Does He really know and understand you and I?  Read Psalms 139.

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12 thoughts on “Am I a Cracked Cup?”

  1. Loved this because I also had a cup for my coffee that I just loved. Right weight and height and my favorite color. It has now bit the dust. I’m now using the mug I gave my mother for her birthday just before she died. Funny how we cling to inanimate objects but you are right, God even uses them to teach us! How He loves us!!
    And actually you had me at coffee! Haha.
    We are all cracked cups aren’t we? Thanks form the insight. My website isn’t up yet but will be soon. I’m so new at this it is daunting but God has given me a heart to write and speak so I must!
    Great post!

    1. Ann –
      I know what you mean about daunting! The good part is that we can learn.. and do not have to do everything right!
      I’ve been working on this blog for several months and still so much to learn. And yes, there is a release in writing. Keep going! It’s worth it the effort.
      And what a joy – to know I’m not the only one??? That is encouraging! and yes, we do “love” our stoves, micros, different pans and/or dishes, and men “love” their cars, motorcycles, etc. 🙂 We move into a house or apartment, and build our “nests”, and grieve when we have to leave them; then we start again. Our guys grieve (although they won’t admit it) over leaving some jobs, some vehicles, etc. But with each joy of receiving (I remember my absolute delight about a smooth top kitchen range), and grief of letting go (so many of those!) I’ve learned something from our Lord and depended upon Him more. Guess that’s what it’s all about, right?
      We are SO BLESSED to know HIM.
      Thanks for leaving your comment. You blessed me!

    1. Thanks Jenn – so much! I see myself as broken all the time. and that little cracked cup helped me better understand how God can love a person who is broken! God bless!

  2. I appreciated this analogy. I too feel broken and even wrote a book about it, but as you said I’ve known that God loves me, just as I am. He has redeemed me and one day I’ll see him face to face and I’ll look like Jesus. For now, I’m thankful that he uses broken people.

    1. Anne – thank you so much for sharing!
      One of the things I have discovered is how God uses the brokenness in our lives to change us and draw us to Him, teaching new concepts. I know that I have changed in so many ways because of being shattered then put back together by Him.
      Many years ago I heard this statement: It is grief that cuts the canyons in our lives to hold happiness.
      Think about it, ok? and do want to know more about your book, please. Blessings!!!

  3. This is much more subtle than my own “cracked pot”. Idea’s the same though, and the result is the same.
    Bottom line?: it’s the CONTENT, not the container that will ultimately matter.

  4. Voni love your story about your cracked cup. Not one of us is perfect, we all have cracks but oh our Lord Jesus is the best at repairing the cracks and imperfections. That makes me eligible for Him to create me to be worthy to be used. I love His hands of love as He tenderly repairs my cracks so He can fill me up again. Bless you my friend! Love you!

    1. Carolyn, I,too, am amazed at God’s love – and patience – with me. Too many times, He glues me back together, then I crack again in the same spot. He keeps cleaning me up, re-gluing me as He puts me back together… until, finally, I get it! and the glue sticks.
      Then I manage to fall apart somewhere else.
      And it IS His hands of love that keep working with us. I like that sentence you wrote! It IS Him!
      Love you, dear lady.

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