Discomfort > Change ?

Is it discomfort? 
I have always called it an unease…knowing something is going to change without knowing what nor when. I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened to me. Sometimes the change is small, at other times it is a BIG change: at times joyous, other times with tears. But always with the quiet knowing that God is doing something new.

He is doing it again.

When I came back to Portland mid-February, I expected to be here one month, back to Georgia with Lanae, then to Brazil after Easter.
I’m still in Portland. God has not allowed me to leave (although I tried – several times.) I gave up.

Now- I have that unease which means change. I don’t know what it is, nor when it will come, but God is moving things behind life’s stage for our family, scattered though we may be.

So, I wait and pray… desiring to use this time here well
When you pray for us, please pray for wisdom, guidance, and protection. Your prayers make a DIFFERENCE in our lives.

And Father, may we not be afraid of change. May we remember that YOU are holding our hands.

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