Forgiveness and Trust = Relax and Live in the Moment.

2017 July 09

Portland, Oregon



Ok, let’s go back a bit…see if you have been through some of this also?


I have a couple of relatives who have hurt me – many times.  I’ve talked with God about them many times.  You notice the phrase here “many times” 
And how does that fit into this story.  Keep reading and you’ll find out.

What happened on Friday?
Friday morning:

This past week my body was dragging. When I went to the appointment with the herbalist on Friday she looked at me and said:
“What happened to you?!”
“I don’t know! [Símbolo] “

“Well let’s check you and see what is going on!” was her brisk reply.
She began writing down the numbers as she tested me, and was not happy with the results. Those numbers showed my body was not happy either.

More questions, then a rapid-fire of things I needed to improve. More water, less coffee (dehydration), increased amounts of several supplements pertaining to adrenal, stress, the brain, and depression… then she added one called Nervous Fatigue . Instructions; 4 a day (2 right now.)  take them without fail.  I did and am doing.

Friday night we (Sheryl, Hermilio and I) go out for dinner with Keith Pottle, (Joe’s younger son) and his wife, Darcy.
Wonderful food and a wonderful visit.  I am amazed at how well I feel.
Sheryl and Hermilio’s 4 sons and their families…a total of 22 of us (11 children under 9 years of age) gathered around the dining room table.  The couples brought a display of food for a practical and delicious brunch.  The sun shining outside with a sweet breeze coming into the house. Plates are filled and we all find places to sit with our coffee.  The murmur of contented adults, the laughter of children – a delightful meal.

Conversations continue, more coffee made. Adults and children drift in and out of the house, depending on the moment.  (I disappear and get a 30 minute nap!  I couldn’t believe myself!)  Then – everyone to the pool!  Not a big one, but adequate.

Water games. Small children showing off their swimming prowess… some of them even beat up on me with water [Símbolo]

The evening draws to a close and all parents (tired) and children(tired) headed to their homes. . .


1/ The reason I must forgive and why I keep going back to the Lord for His help?
When I do not totally forgive someone for what they did to hurt me or someone I love, there is a little knob of hurt inside of me. If I don’t deal with it, it grows and begins to take root and fester on the inside.  This causes an inner tension and, with time, it creates doubt and bitterness inside my mind, influencing my relationship with everyone else

It is like taking a little poison each day that destroys one’s health, emotionally, physically, mentally.
Jesus knew this: He knew we would need an incentive to make the effort to forgive.  

So, He tells us: “14“If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you.15But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

Then in Hebrews 12:15  “Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many.” 

I learned that forgiveness is a process: it doesn’t happen overnight It is also not an emotion. Rather it is an act of obedience. When I don’t obey, my body does not work smoothly And that Friday, during the day so full of confusion, I finally was able to forgive those relatives.

2/ I’m also learning that when I believe – really believe – what Paul wrote in Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”  When I can work through my emotions and believe this, I find it easier to forgive and to trust God. I physically feel better. feel peace, and am free to enjoy each moment

3/ These last few days are being blessings to me! I am thankfu! 

My body and my spirit are absorbing what I need.  No chemicals, no artificial medications.  Simply simple… God’s Word is truth I can totally depend upon!
It is definitely a different world when I walk by these principles!

        – Voni

How about you?  Have you gotten stuck in your emotions as you try to forgive?  Are you able to trust God?  None of this is easy, and many tears are involved.  But it is so worth the work, to be able to walk free!
Leave a comment or question… I don’t have all the answers… just some.
and I’m here   , ,

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