If you want God to laugh

Last week a friend asked: “What do you need to do to make God chuckle or laugh?”

Of course, I had no idea.

She smiled at me: “Make some plans.”

I burst into laughter.  I can certainly identify with that one!

The other day I sat down and counted how many times my plans have changed since Joe’s death.

1/ He and I planned for me to move back to Brazil to live.
 Not feasible: because of finances my first move had to be out of our apartment and into
 my daughter, Sheryl’s home. I then spent several months trying to sort things –   including my thoughts.  Only it wasn’t as simple as choosing which thoughts to keep and which ones to discard.  I discovered that things are easier to organize than thoughts. 🙂

2/ A few months later, I went to Georgia, to the welcoming home of another daughter. Lanae (– that was in September after several tries without success. Couldn’t get things sorted and packed as quickly as I’d planned Changed the tickets three times. ( Using mileage so no fees for changes.  Good thing!)  and my girls are an incredible help to me!

3/ Lanae and I – from Orlando to Natal, Brazil, to get my citizenship… mid Nov-1st part of Dec               
Only two tries to get those tickets.  20 days jam packed to get all documentation done plus other obligations. (God to teach at a couple of churches… love those people!)
Back to Orlando     

4/ At Lanae’s….one year after Joe went HOME… I’m beginning to think more clearly.                       

 2018 goes by in a blur.  Many tears. Much soul-searching. Part of the time with Lanae, part of the time with Sheryl  Medical exams – Sheryl and the doctor couldn’t think of more to give me … I come out of them quite well.  Weather affecting my pain level  Juggling supplements and medications.
My son-in-law is on kidney dialysis.  I need to stay longer at Sheryl’s than I’d planned.
(I was going to be in Brazil right after Easter).    Those changes of plans are rather big.

At least 4 ticket changes during the year with more mileage miles.

Now it is the end of April 2019  2 years and 2 months since Joe is gone.

I’m in Portland, unsure how much longer I’ll need to be here.
My friends in Brazil say my next arrival in Brazil can be compared to the 2nd coming of Christ.  No one knows the time nor the hour.

I’ve dealt with many questions about where I am supposed to be.
The answer at this time is: I don’t know the future.  I know where I am now.
I will be returning to Brazil when the Lord releases me from here.
While I am here, I have some things to do, even as I am learning more about teaching from a distance.     

And yes, I know that God is writing my itinerary.
Every time I try to put in the dates I want, He chuckles as He erases my handwriting and puts in the dates He has chosen.      

         “God writes straight with crooked lines.”  A Portuguese proverb

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2 thoughts on “If you want God to laugh”

  1. Voni, I am so excited for you. We want to help, but it will have to wait til June. You are in our prayers. I love you. Did you have help setting up your page? It’s wonderful.

    1. Oh Janice… Thank you for your encouragement! It means a lot to me!
      I painfully set up the page… and I have a tech in Brazil who helps me keep it going.
      There is always much more to learn.
      Love you – and thank you again.
      Blessings for you all!

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