Last night of 2018

Voni Pottle
December 31, 2018 at 8:25 PM ·
Tonight – tears of memories. Talking with a friend, Paulo Martins who played and sang with our singing group, Novo Mandamento. So many experiences… singing in churches, feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit when He came in. Journeys in an old station wagon… piled high on top with instruments… and full of people. I’ll never forget when we carried a huge bag full or oranges from Rio to the YWAM base in Belo Horizonte.
There was no room – so we emptied the oranges out of the bags until we were surrounded with oranges. At least we didn’t go hungry on the road. 🙂

You can find the longplays on YouTube
.. conjunto Novo Mandamento… in Portuguese… but many of the songs are familiar in English. (We translated them into Portuguese).

You can find the longplays ….on You Tube.. conjunto Novo Mandamento
this is in Portuguese, many of the songs were in English and we translated them

December 31, 2018 almost midnight
The last day of this year. I started 2018 in Valdosta, GA, and ending it here also, I’ve had many plans and ideas that didn’t materialize: others that God surprised me with. Today, I am missing Joe… as I look back … which Isaiah tells us to not do – but look towards the future… for God is doing a new thing.

It was a wonderful Christmas…but that is now in the past… and, of course, I wish it weren’t . 🙂

As we look forward, trusting God for our futures, may we praise Him for the joys and challenges of the past.

I love each one of you!


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