Life, blessings and challenges…

I am beginning to accept the fact that I will be 86 in August… that always seemed ancient to me. Now I am realizing it because of the rich memories I have…laughter and tears, stretched beyond my own abilities and depending upon God… with people one on one – and singing and teaching before thousands… recording, I’m eager to get into a studio and see how they record now – I know it’s very different ..
washing clothes by hand outside and the weather was cold! Not easy – but definitely better than in a river – I’ve done that also – but no sheets and jeans in a river 

Teaching a Bible class where the chickens came into the little house (have you ever taught where you had to speak louder than the clucking hens?  }

I am SO blessed!

Now I desire to become a better writer to teach through my blog in two languages, do more short teaching recording, finish a book, and learn in more areas how to reach out.. and enjoy my family tribe. Thank You, Father!

My body is moving more slowly – frustrating, but I hope to learn how to work with it. My brain is sometimes over-working? 
And I am still making more memories. 
– Voni

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