Tuesday July 31 Portland Oregon

I glanced at the clock. My friend will be arriving soon to pick me up. I slip on my shoes – and grimace a little, thinking “I’ve got to get these toe nails cut!” Then I grabbed my shoulder bag and cane, heading to answer the doorbell. “One of these days, I’ll be able to do it.” (
One of the disadvantages of having a body that dictates to me is it won’t let me curl and bend my body like I used to do to take care of my feet. Very frustrating, to say the least!) I walk with my cane to the car, follow my routine to get into the car, and we’re off to meet the third part of this trio .

Who says white-haired women can’t have the fun of eating lunch together, laughing, along with some serious conversation that stretches our minds. We three are sitting at lunch in the Cherrywood Dining Room… a lovely place to eat, the food is good, the prices reasonable – and the noise level isn’t so high that we can’t hear each other talk.. which isn’t true in many restaurants during lunch hour.

I hear my name called and glance up at that beautiful curving stairway with the iron railing. I see the manicurist from the Beauty Salon upstairs, running down the stairs and coming straight over to our table.
“Voni, I thought I saw you down here, and I had to come check. Someone just phoned me and canceled her 1:30 appointment. I remembered we weren’t able to work on your feet last week, and I wondered if you can come at 1:30?” She was smiling and excited.
I looked at my friend who would be taking me home. “What do you think?”
She laughed: “Yes, PLEASE do it. You and I both know what your feet look like!”
I grinned at her. Friends have the right to be honest.
I looked at the manicurist who was anxiously waiting. “I’ll do it” and we all smiled, We knew that this was a God-thing,

About an hour later, I’m sitting with my feet in a tub of hot water, my co-hort, Penny, is sitting watching, Lillian (#3 of our trio) had left, and we are having fun with “woman talk”. Christie is doing her magic of messaging my feet, then carefully working to clean and trim, and polish on those tired toe nails. I look at Penny and we smile. We are very aware that our Father, God, has taken these little needs and cared for them in such a fun way so we will have some laughs about it.

I want you to know that you and I serve a God Who is aware -of everything.
He loves you and I, and each person on this planet. My finite mind cannot grasp the total reality of His infinite love for each one of us. It doesn’t matter that none of us deserve that love. But somehow, for some reason, because He created us in our mothers’ wombs, we are His, and He loves us. He smiles with our laughter, weeps with our tears.

I do not know why He didn’t “wave a magic wand” and save my first marriage of 40 years. But, I do know that His presence was in our bedroom as my second husband passed from this life. I was blessed to hold Joe’s hand as we heard him take his last breath. The “why” of me here and Joe gone has no answer. But, I DO KNOW THIS! GOD KNOWS I AM HERE He reaches to me as He cares for the “little things” to remind me He is also here for the BIG THINGS.

He is also here for you! Can you think of some of the “little things” He has done that surprised and blessed you?
I would love for you to share them with me.
– Voni

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5 thoughts on “LITTLE THINGS”

  1. Hi Voni!

    I was just thinking of how good God is last night. I am thankful for all of friendships he has given me in all of the places I have been. He has always provided very special friends that I can walk together with – friends that encourage and strengthen me in the Lord. And you are one of them! I am so glad I met you at Cherrywood Village! 😊

    1. ah! and how happy I am. Definitely a God-thing! I love getting your notes – and think of you and pray for you. Tell me (if you have time) a little more about what it is like where you live?

      1. Scotland is a beautiful country, very much like Oregon (just minus the mountains and a lot less sun!). The people are outgoing and always ready for a chat, but their vulnerability is hidden behind a rough exterior. I live in a small village next to the Atlantic Ocean with a beautiful view of an isle across the water. It’s peaceful, restful, and healing to be in this location, which helps our base in pursuit of intimacy with Holy Spirit, Father, and Son. Visitors are always welcome! 😉

        1. Have you been receiving my newsletter? I know you’re on my mailing list, but it may be getting lost in your junk email?

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