Asking for your opinion…


Under Construction
Under Construction

Ok – want and need feedback.



Question:  Would you prefer for this to be a normal post
and enter a shorter About Me?????????????????


This whole process is challenging me…
I know it’s good for me.
It’s definitely better than the “it’s good for me to go to the dentist”.

I love the writing.  It’s learning how to use this blog that is pushing me.
Sure glad some of you are praying for me..
Today, I need wisdom!
James says that if I ask God for wisdom, He will give it to me.

I’m asking!!!!!!!


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4 thoughts on “Asking for your opinion…”

  1. Because of your rich experience, whenever you write it is as a fresh wind of the Spirit, bringing refreshing and insight. Venture forth with this, Dear Lady. Love you, Arlene

  2. Concordo com as palavras de Arlene!!!
    Querida Voni, você é como uma suave fragrância de lavanda!!!
    Love U

    1. Marinete – vc e eu sabemos que esta suave fragrância não vem de mim, mas do Espirito Santo…. e eu Louvo o Trinidade por isto! Quero o agradecer pelas tuas palavras: são uma benção para mim!

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