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Tonight, I am frustrated… not sure why..
I want to write – not only about  sorrows and learning… but about the Kingdom of God/the nation I live in.
How do I share about cross-cultural communication and the Kingdom of God as my home.
I am American, hoping to get my Brazilian citizenship, but my “home nation” is God’s Kingdom.  Those are the laws and principles that don’t change.  How can I share across cultural lines and divides?
God’s laws have proven themselves to me,  countless times.  The more I learn from history and science I am saying again and again “WHAT AN AWESOME GOD!”
globe n & s america
I also want to write about some of the funny things that have happened; some of the scary things; and about some of the challenging things.
How can I draw word pictures about when a parrot was on the table at our host’s home, and pecking food off of our plates?  And a toad was calling Joe’s name out of the jungle.
Or the time I sat in a roadside restaurant where we stopped to eat, and the dogs and chickens came and went at will, cleaning up whatever food fell to the floor.
 (Sometimes those who were eating simply threw something down on the floor if they didn’t want it.)  No, I didn’t check out the kitchen.
Contrast that with some of beautifully  incredible restaurants where I’ve eaten . . .
Wonderful hotels  I’ve enjoyed – contrasting to my memories of a hotel where we spent a night that had no ceiling, only the bare tile roof, and the hundreds of spider webs woven between the roof and the wooden rafters. (fortunately no spiders fell upon us during the night.)
The magnificence of Iguaçu Falls (to me even more beautiful than Niagara Falls), and the “meeting of the waters” on the Amazon.  The wonder of O Redentor – the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.
The day almost 100 people were baptized in a pool at a private camp: we all drove there and – just as the baptisms were beginning – a huge tropical rainstorm started pouring buckets of water down on everyone.
All of us watching got just as wet in the drenching rain as those who were baptized… and we all laughed, sang, prayed and rejoiced together.  Those who were baptized had brought a change of clothing. All the rest of us went home – WET
The incredible sky full of stars that came close to the earth as I walked at night in a field of a farm far from Brazilia and any electricity.
The loneliness – and the joys – failures and victories – the challenges of  learning a new culture, country and language and raising our six children…                       
My heart yearns to share these thoughts and experiences.
Does anyone want to hear them?  would they be encouragement to some?


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12 thoughts on “Simply Writing”

  1. yes, Voni. i sadly don’t have many happy memories. i want you to create more word pictures so i can laugh with you and yes even cry with you. but my own tears have exhausted me. so uplifting stories from lives that ha robert shattered bring me much hope!

    1. Lois, I am learning to love you. I’ve walked through many deep canyons, where only His staff kept me from falling off the path, as He protected me. Psalms 56:8 “You number and record my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle — are they not in Your book?”AMP
      We both have gallons of tears recorded with Him… and every tear is precious to Him.
      I learned that sorrow cuts the chasms: later, those chasms will be filled with joy and happiness…and joy comes in the moroning.
      For now, we have fleeting moments of hwppiness.
      I honestly do now understand why some lives have much more sorrow than others. However, I know that it is sorrow that drives me closer to Him, for I could not make it alone. And what a blessing it is to be close to Him!
      And keep reading Psalms – and Proverbs.

  2. Yes, I want to hear more memories from Brazil and other thoughts you might share. I hope you will continue giving us a window into your life and thoughts. Even though bittersweet at times.

    1. Oh Pat, thank you! You have been a blessing and encouragement for many years! I still remember sitting with you over a cafezinha – it may have been a small sidewalk restaurant in BH… You were encouraging me – and I could not believe your kind words and how you blessed me. You’ve done that for me several times over these years… and I thank God for you!

    1. Thank you, Arlene… I keep remembering what Dave told you and naming your website.
      I need to talk that over again with you, and get it more firmly in my head!

  3. I look forward to your every next post. I can almost hear you speaking the words that you write. I love, love, love, the stories of Brazil. I can’t imagine how much you must miss her. I have only been there for short periods of time, and my heart actually beats harder when I imagine being back there, reading your stories. It also does my heart good to hear how you have prevailed through so many difficulties. At the time I was with your family, I felt how sorrowful you were yet didn’t understand the circumstances. All these years that I have prayed for you- It is good to hear how good God has been to sustain you and grant you little pieces of joy along the way!

    1. Jennifer – I thought I’d answered you comment here… maybe I did?
      Appreciate you VERY much! Love you and praying for you.
      Would love to see you again.. . for you are one of those pieces of joy.

  4. Que delicia suas historias, estou aqui viajando em suas memorias! E me deu uma saudade de nossas conversas. Como aprende e continuo aprendendo com vc!

    1. Obrigada, Zanja! Vc sabe como amo Brasil, e o povo aí!
      Me lembro nossas conversas sentado na mesa: que saudades!
      Olhe, vc possa me ajudar achar maneiras para colocar este blog nas mãos do pessoal ai..
      Estava tentando mandar para pelo email, mas o sistema que tinha não funcionaou.
      Vou trabalhar nisto: mas se cada pessoa entrasse de receber pelo email, ajuadria demais. Assim sei que iam receber.
      E se vc souber de um assunto que ajudaria, me mande… ok?
      amo vcs – muito

        1. agradeço, Zanja – muito… e para sua mãe e Miriam também . Quero ser uma ajuda, mesmo que não estamos sentado ao redor a mesa. bjos

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