The Day the Water Ran the Wrong Way

Argentina Maru freighter-passengerAugust 1967   We are on the Argentina Maru, a Japanese freighter/ passenger ship,  moving from the USA to Brazil. The forward deck is full of celbrants as we near the line of the equator.

It is a beautiful day, blue sky, blue sea; our ship is somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean… I have no idea where and thankful the captain and crew know.
The words blare out over the loudspeaker:  “We have just crossed the equator” and the passengers go wild. I rush to our cabin. I don’t want to miss what is happening on deck, but I HAVE TO KNOW.
I run into our cabin, to the sink and turn on the water, watching it gurgle down the drain.  IT’S REALLY TRUE!  We have crossed the invisible line of the equator, and the water is now going counter-to the way it was going earlier!
I look at it in wonder.
Curiosity satisfied, I turn off the water, and hurry to the upper deck where the party is going on. Lots of good food, sunshine, a breeze from the ship’s movement – and the crew knows how  to prepare and serve shrimp in different and delicious manners.  Crossing the equator is an EVENT to be celebratedglobe n & s america
It was a full day.
Only that evening, the two youngest children, my husband and I, all in our bunks: in the quiet as I lie looking at the dark am I able to spend time thinking of the water going down the drain.
I talk to Him about it.
Father, thank You for this day I will never forget.  I, a farmer’s daughter, am on a ship that crossed the equator!
At times this all seems as a dream, even though I am awake.  
I wonder what the future holds.  
Please, Lord, keep us in the hollow of Your hands, protect us, guide us.
May I hang onto Your hand at all times.”
As I drift off to sleep, I feel the vibration of the ship going through the waves, can make out the shadow of the curtains swaying over the port hole,hear my family breathing, the faint tinkling of items vibrating, and am musing . .
There is no doubt that we have  northern and southern hemispheres.  How did God draw a line around the center of the whirling earth ?  and why?
How can the ship’s crew know when we cross that line?  It isn’t obvious without navigational instruments. Yet, even though hurricanes do not have navigational  tools they do not cross that line!
What power and intelligence to put this universe together!  The mathematical genius of creation!!? Incredible!
And the Creator of ALL of this, calls me His child and loves me?  and loves each one, in the same way!
I am in awe!
– Voni  


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6 thoughts on “The Day the Water Ran the Wrong Way”

    1. Thank YOU for your encouragement! It means much. I’m amazed at how many things the Lord is bringing to my mind!

  1. Wow! I didn’t know hurricanes couldn’t/wouldn’t cross the equator. What a wonderful God and Creator we have!

  2. I have seen the Argentina Maru in Honolulu port a few times during
    1961 – 1965, the passengers were on their way to visit Japan their mother land, always so interesting. I miss Hawaii and the Japanese folks

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