Mar 2021

When I was young and caring for small children (a few years ago) , there were times I would get tired and think about when I got “old”, I would be able to sit in a comfortable recliner and knit or read. How wrong could I be?

The following tells you some of the last year of “quiet”.

Sept 2019 – in Oregon, preparing to go to Brazil for at least a year.

End of September, my daughter in Georgia called me in Oregon.
“Mom, Johnny and I want to get married in October and we want you to perform the ceremony.” My emotional lid tipped. Perform a wedding for one of my own children? Can I make it fit in with the planned travel? I have to!!!

Out come the calendar, tickets, notebook, and calculator. I phone my daughter in Georgia – and we work it out. In October 2019 we had a simple and lovely wedding outside on a beach gazebo. Afterward, I relaxed – and cried

Early Nov 2019 – to Miami to meet my son (Jonathan Hall), and fly with him to Brasilia.

My children have decided they no longer want me to travel alone on international flights. (They say, “Mom, we love you, but there ARE limits and this is one of them.” OK, I agree.)

Now, Jonathan is one of these world travelers who carries everything he needs for two weeks in a backpack. That is not my norm: I am carrying my necessities plus gifts plus … The trip was good, but I know Jonathan is relieved to leave me (and my suitcases) in Brazilia! He’s already issued a warning for if and when we travel together again.

Nov 2019 to June 1, 2020

Teaching (what I love to do) in Brasilia and in Natal. Time with old friends and new friends. Learning how to teach on the internet. Covid-19 begins in March and I am quarantined in the apartment in Brasilia. (Thanking God it has a small balcony, so I am able to step outside!) I love the three friends I am in the apartment with. Much laughter, learning, and sharing.

I planned on staying in Brasilia for up to a year. But the pandemia, quarantines, and flight restrictions made it best to leave Brazil on June 1, 2020, returning to Miami.
Then it got even more confusing!

In Miami, heading for my bedroom in Portland: the morning I was going to fly out, I wake up feeling miserable! I didn’t know it was possible to ache like that! Covid-19 had arrived and I spent until mid-December in Miami with Jonathan’s family,(including my youngest great-granddaughter) and in quarantine, taking tests to see when I could travel. That took about two months of an extra person in their busy household. It was a blessing for me! I just hope I was a blessing for them!

Now, I am in Portland, and my son-in-law here is very ill. Prayers are needed for all of the family!

One of the many learning challenges I have here? Recouping from Covid-19 and I’m discovering this is something I did not want! It is a crazy virus!

Now – it is March 2021. Nothing of a quiet year in the past. Who knows about the year in the future. I only know that we have to hang onto God’s hand. I can trust Him.

– Voni

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