A Story that Is Real – part 2 An Unnormal Day


My next-door neighbor, Maria, and I are standing in her kitchen. She’s been talking to me, and now she is using a serious tone of voice.  I still must listen intently to understand – and my mind had wandered as I asked myself: (Maria – why is everyone named Maria, Even some of the men? A friend’s doctor is named José Maria Santos.  Why ???)

Suddenly, a word got through. “medium” …(in reference to the person who speaks to and hears from spirits, transmitting their requests – and orders – to you.)

“I’m sorry, I didn’t understand.”

 “You need to listen to me more carefully!” Maria sputters.
“I’m telling you that you NEED to take Joãozinho to a medium so he can get well!
He’s been sick for several days with a fever and diarrhea, and that is dangerous. He could become dehydrated and you wouldn’t even know it!”

My stomach turned over. Our three-year-old needs a doctor, not a medium.

Maria continues. “Think about it. Whenever one of my children gets sick, I take them to a medium I know. I would be glad to take you and Joãozinho.”

I thank her profusely
(I’ve learned how to do that well, as I discover how much the Brazilians like to help.) Then we kiss on each other’s cheeks (left cheek first, so you don’t bump noses) and I return to my house, talking to God as I go.

Lord, help! Why is Joãozinho so ill?  All of the children know to drink from the filter, and not from the faucet.  It isn’t the alligator tail we ate a few days ago – at least I don’t think so! I know it was well -fried. WHAT is wrong? “

I am worried. No phone to call for help. I walk and pray, check on Joãozinho and get some more water down him, then pray and walk.

About 45 minutes later, someone knocks on our front door. I hear Cal answer it, then voices talking.  I go downstairs. Paulo and Ana (a Brazilian couple who will be married in a few months and who both  speak English, Ana’s younger sister (her sister was with them as their chaperone – in 1967 any couple has to have a chaperone on a date) – and another man – who also speaks English. I am thrilled to have company and start to the kitchen to make some cafézinho. Paulo stops me.

Voni and Cal, I brought Dr.Fabio here to see Joãozinho. Dr Fabio is an obstetrician. Someone told us your little son was sick, and Dr Fabio wants to see him, first of all. Then we’ll have that coffee.”

I want to jump up and down, praising God.  This morning Maria told me I needed a medium.  God knew we needed a doctor, and He brought one to us!


What I learned?  We were on a well, so I trusted the water. WRONG.
Dr Fabio takes a water sample for the labs, examinesJoãozinho, gives him medication-
then we adults had some delicious cafézinho , along with a wonderful visit before our guests left; and Dr Fábio giving me a condensed version of things I needed to do – immediately. I had to start boiling all water for 30 minutes before using it. 24/7 Even the water used in brushing teeth.
A few days later, the lab report stated the water was heavily contaminated.  So the water boiling regimen continued all the time we lived there..😊

That day will always stand out in my memory as a water-shed moment.
I still remember the shock of Maria saying I should take our son to a medium.
Spiritism was imbedded into their lives. Dealing with the spirits —  I had thought that evil spirits were in Biblical times but not now
I have had many lessons from God showing me this is not true.  Because of His grace, the lessons started gradually.  I’m going to share some of them with you, for I want you to be aware of the spiritual world that surrounds you and I.  It is just as real as my bones and flesh. We may deny that angels, evil spirits and/or miracles exist today. But what we think does not change the reality.

In the following stories I may change some of the names and not always give you the year . . . But what happened, happened.

– Voni –

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