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The obvious threats to Brazilian lifestyle (no food, no fuel, etc.) have changed to rationed fuel and food. Higher prices. More frustrations.Livng is more difficult.
Deep thankfulness that some order is being restored, mixed with uncertainties about the future,

So what should one’s attitude be? As we in the US who have been praying for the people in Brazil are aware we may also face these challenges here in the states. For life has become less stable in this world.
Whom can we trust? What is our foundation? What rock can we stand upon and know it is firm and safe?

For myself, the ONLY Rock I can totally depend upon is Jesus Christ my Saviour, God my Father and God the Holy Spirit.
I can trust no man I CAN trust God.
When Christ walked on this earth 2000 years ago, the world was also in upheaval. A universal lack of justice. Death and persecution… and that list goes on – from then until today.
God the Son incarnated into a man: who could be hurt, sweating as He walked the dusty roads, speaking until His voice was hoarse, carrying the pain of those around Him, desiring that they understand the hope He was sharing with them. .. and He is still doing the same today.
The change is: that Christ is now in heaven with the Father, and His Holy Spirit resides in those who follow His teachings.

No, I do not know what is going to happen in Brazil, nor the USA, nor anywhere on this earth. I DO KNOW that our Lord has told us to go and share the Good News He gave to us, to bring hope to the desperate, discouraged and lost. That is where we will find our fulfillment and joy.

Are we doing that? Being used by God to bring hope to those around us? If our answers are “no”, then my question is “why not?”

When we truly understand the loneliness of a life walking far from Christ, it creates a compassion inside of us along with love, enough that we are willing to be fools for Christ’s sake


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